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Ryū shōten - Ogata, Gekkō

Curator's notes:

"Ryū shōten," also known as "Dragon's Waterfall," is a masterpiece created by the Japanese artist Ogata Gekkō. This stunning work of art showcases a serene waterfall cascading down a rocky cliff, with a dragon coiled around the rock face. The dragon's body seems to blend seamlessly with the water, creating an ethereal and otherworldly effect.

Gekkō's use of color and composition in "Ryū shōten" is nothing short of masterful. The deep blues and greens of the water contrast beautifully with the earthy tones of the rocks and the dragon's scales. The composition is carefully balanced, with the dragon's body serving as a counterpoint to the waterfall's movement. The overall effect is one of harmonious coexistence between the natural and the fantastical.

"Ryū shōten" is a true tour de force, showcasing Gekkō's virtuosity as an artist and his ability to imbue his work with a sense of mysticism and wonder. It is a testament to his artistic prowess and a feast for the eyes of any onlooker.


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